Holiday Classes


1. HanyuPinyin Course: Strengthening and intense remedial on HanyuPinyin skills to solidify students foundation.

2. Oral and Composition Course: Lesson schemes focusing on composition skills to strengthen student’s writing skills and styles.

3. Holiday Camp: Exciting and fun activities to encourage interests in Chinese Language learning. Enriching and relaxing learning environment for students on a vacation break.

4. One to one guidance: Customized lesson plans for individual students based on their levels of advancement.

Available Courses

HanYu PinYin Course

  • 3-16 Years Old
  • 120 Minutes

Oral and Composition Course

  • 3-16 Years Old
  • 180 Minutes
Holiday Camp Learning Chinese Outdoor Fun

Holiday Camp

  • 3-16 Years Old
  • -

Customised One to One Guidance

  • 3-16 Years Old
  • -