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We Can be your Chinese Content Partner

At Little Gems, we believe in working with other education providers and grow the education market together. By being a Chinese Language specialist, we can leverage on our experience to provide interesting Chinese contents to courses and together create a more holistic learning experience for the students.

Here are some examples on what we can offer:

  • School Holiday Chinese Language Camp

    We are able to provide interesting educational Chinese language activities for tuition centers and after-school care centers. If you are planning to organise such school holiday activities for your students, you can contact us.

  • Chinese Language Classes

    If you would like to introduce Chinese subject to your tuition centers, we are able to provide Primary School Chinese Language classes at your premises. The content taught will be structured closely with the MOE standards.

    Conducted in an interactive style, the lessons will includes listening, reading and speaking. 

    If you are interested to discuss further, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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