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Little Gems Learning Centre is a Chinese language school, managed by a team of dedicated Chinese tutors with many years of experience in teaching Mandarin to children in Singapore.

We are specialised in providing Chinese tuition classes for preschool, primary school and secondary school students. If you are an adult interested in improving your Chinese, we also offer Chinese education programs for all ages.

During school holidays, we also run holiday camps for kids with engaging activities to encourage children to better appreciate the Chinese language from a fun perspective and inspire their interests in learning the language.

Little Gems Learning Centre is a Chinese tuition at Newton, Singapore. At Little Gems, we believe that quality and a sense of belonging are key ingredients in child education. We offer a more affordable tuition experience that’s tailored for kids. We believe learning should be fun and approachable, so our classes are designed around these principles!

Little Gems Chinese Tuition & Enrichment Courses in Singapore

Little Gems Primary School Chinese Tuition

Little Gems Chinese Tuition & Enrichment Courses in Singapore

Preschool chinese class

Chinese Classes

  • 3 to 6 Years Old
  • 90 Minutes
Primiary School Chinese Tuition

Primary School
Chinese Tuition

  • 7 to 12 Years Old
  • 105 Minutes

Secondary School
Chinese Tuition

  • 13 to 16 Years Old
  • 105 Minutes

Mandarin Lessons for International Students

  • 3 to 16 Years Old
  • 90 Minutes

One to One Guidance
Chinese Course

  • All Ages
  • Customisable
Chinese Holiday Classes

Chinese Enrichment
Holiday Classes

  • 3 to 16 Years Old
  • 120 to 180 Minutes

What Parents Say About Us

> 90% of them score As and above

Parents of Aaron Bo Qi Wu

Within 8 months, the team of patient and dedicated teachers at Little Gems have helped Aaron obtained a ‘B’ grade for his PSLE. This means a lot to him as he has not been able to pass his Chinese since P3. Moving on to Sec 1, Aaron now has a… “Parents of Aaron Bo Qi Wu”

Parents of Aaron Bo Qi Wu
Aaron Bo Qi Wu, ACS Primary 6

Daniella Yeo

老師 makes the classes very fun and interesting but at the same time we are able to learn a lot. She is very friendly but also stern when she needs to be. She makes sure that her student will understand the lesson and is able to cope with the lessons.… “Daniella Yeo”

Daniella Yeo


My son started attending Little Gems when he was 2 years old. The teachers are just the right balance of firm and fund, and they always manage to make the classes entertaining. My son thinks he’s answering about something fun – and I see that his Mandarin conversation skills are… “Kath”