We Help Secondary School Students improve their proficiency in the Chinese Language and Prepare for O-Level Chinese Examinations.

Chinese tuition in Singapore is a popular choice for many students, whether they are in primary or secondary school. Secondary Chinese tuition will help you tremendously in terms of your overall education as well as in your career. You can opt for private Chinese tutors if it is more convenient. 

Chinese tuition in Singapore is available at all levels and can be delivered by a trained teacher in Chinese schools and through independent private lessons. Chinese tuition at the secondary level helps students prepare for the Chinese O-Level examinations, which are an important factor in the admissions process at many schools.

Express Chinese

From the textbook, we dissect idioms and phrases from lessons into digestible parts which strengthens the understanding of the students. For “fill in the blank” and comprehension question types, we use videos for specialised training, which help students gain expertise in answering these question types. The use of thought-provoking pictures helps increase the proficiency of students in their compositions and scenario-writing. This helps them to craft excellent points in their argumentative essays as well.

Higher Chinese

For the vocabulary section, we use vocabulary from the textbook as the foundation, and build upon it. For comprehension, we identify the different types of questions and then drill techniques to answer the different question types, level by level. For the oral component, we follow the newest MoE examination format and use videos for special training, which vastly improves their ability to express themselves clearly. Using a “brick-layering” teaching method, we help students swiftly and clearly grasp the writing techniques for both narrative and argumentative composition styles.

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How to register:

  1. If you have any question(s) about Chinese tuition for secondary school students or you would like to register, indicate your interest in the online form and we will contact you.
  2. Drop by our learning centre at Balmoral Plaza. At the centre, we will require you to fill up the registration form and make the payment at least two weeks before the session starts.
  3. We accept cash and PayNow only. All cheques should be made payable to Little Gems Learning Centre. Please indicate the student’s name on the back of the cheque.

Our secondary Chinese tuition classes are designed according to your requirements. Our Chinese tuition at Bukit Timah will help your child master Chinese faster and better. Give us a call today! If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at +65 6836 9887 or WhatsApp us at +65 9778 0065 or fill in the form and we will get back to you shortly.


Secondary school education is a very important aspect for any student in Singapore as it involves preparing them for critical examinations such as the PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) and the Ordinary Level Exam (O-Level). Therefore, if you are a student who is studying Chinese in secondary school or a parent who is looking to improve their child’s Chinese language skills, the following frequently asked questions will be of great help to you.

During secondary school, students studying Chinese are expected to be proficient in the language so that they can excel in integral examinations like the Ordinary and Advanced Levels. Getting good grades will give them better chances of getting into good colleges or universities, ensuring that they have greater career prospects in the future. An exceptional Chinese tuition centre such as Little Gems Learning Centre will be able to provide a strong foundation so that you can achieve all your academic goals.

Here are some of the key benefits that come with attending a reliable secondary Chinese tuition centre:

  • Helps cultivate an interest in the language
  • Enhances language proficiency
  • Improves communication and critical thinking skills
  • Increases confidence and ensures better exam performance

The education system in Singapore is multifaceted, and students are required to learn two languages – English as the medium of instruction and a second language, which is usually their mother tongue. For instance, Chinese students may choose Mandarin as their second language, while Malays and Indians can select Malay or Tamil. If your child intends to further their education with Chinese as a subject, they might be interested in pursuing a programme known as ‘Higher Chinese’. This advanced Chinese programme is usually offered as an option for students who excel in the standard Chinese curriculum and wish to develop their language skills further.

Higher Chinese involves a more in-depth study of the language, so it can help students hone their language skills in all four aspects of Chinese (reading, writing, speaking and listening). With a better understanding of the language and a higher standard of writing and comprehension skills, they will be able to master the intricacies of Chinese easily and stand out from their peers.

Absolutely. If you have been offered the opportunity to learn Higher Chinese in secondary school, you will benefit from enrolling in an excellent Chinese tuition centre, like Little Gems Learning Centre, that provides specialised lessons for this programme.

Even if a student is in primary school, they can attend our Higher Chinese course so that they can get an early start in learning. In addition to this, we also offer lessons for ‘Express Chinese’, which includes many exercises such as picture and composition writing, specialised training with videos, and the dissection of idioms and phrases to help them understand the language better.

Yes, the curriculum for secondary Chinese tuition follows the Ministry of Education (MoE) syllabus.

Yes, we do! Our classes always offer personalised teaching by tutors, ensuring that students engage in productive learning.

In general, this will be determined by the course chosen and the institute enrolled. As a well-established and acclaimed Chinese tuition centre, we at Little Gems Learning Centre believe in providing quality education at reasonable costs. Our vision isn’t simply focused on ensuring that our students become fluent in Chinese, we also believe that they should have an interactive, immersive, and enjoyable learning experience. If you would like to get an understanding of how our instructors teach students, please drop us an email at [email protected] so we can arrange a one-time free trial!