Importance of preschool Chinese as a solid foundation for your kid’s education

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Importance of Preschool Chinese as a Solid Foundation for Your Kid’s Education

You have heard the saying, “Children are like sponges, they absorb everything”. That is why it is so critical for children, starting as early as five years old, to be taught preschool Chinese through a multi-sensory approach that develops engaging and enjoyable learning experiences. Chinese is an excellent opportunity for kids to develop their visual, auditory and cognitive skills. It is a tonal language with many characters that look like pictures and colorful sentences, making it a valuable tool for a child’s development!

Your child might be a bit too young to begin Chinese lessons, but a preschool can help build a solid foundation in the language. Give your little one a headstart in life. Sign your child up for a fun-filled preschool class that offers a disciplined, yet kid-friendly, environment to nurture their inborn curiosity about the world around them. Discover how preschool Chinese builds a strong foundation for your child.

Develops Passion for Learning Chinese

Did you know that children can start learning Chinese as early as four years old? Not only will your kids learn Chinese, but they will also pick up some valuable life skills along the way. Be mindful, however, that your child has their own pace of development. Each child is unique. So, no need to worry if your child isn’t ready to memorize characters at this young age – they will gradually learn in a fun, interactive and engaging way that is guaranteed to put a smile on their face. IGCSE tuition will build confidence in your child over time.

Preschool Chinese Prepares Your Child for Upper School Better

Preschool Chinese class is all about learning through open-ended play and structured play activities that allow children to develop at their own pace. Whether finger painting, building block castles, singing songs with friends, or learning preschool Chinese, their early experiences at school will help them expand their knowledge and grow into competent and confident young learners. At this stage, children cannot yet read or write like adults. But they can understand the world around them better than ever before. Open-ended play experiences allow them to make sense of their experiences in their own way, at their own pace.

Improves Creative Thinking

Preschool Chinese tuition is an effective way to stimulate cognitive growth and activate the development of both brain sides. Young learners gain proficiency in logical and creative thinking as well as mathematical skills. Not only will it help them learn Chinese better, but it will also enable them to be confident when speaking Chinese.

creative thinking, motor skills

Improves Motor Skills

The Chinese writing system is the most complicated in the world with thousands of characters. The direction of each character is decided based on what direction would be easiest for children to remember. The hand movements are from left to right in European languages. However, in Chinese, hand movements around and above develop motor skills and spatial perception in children. Chinese enrichment classes introduce characters in a way children can easily remember, enabling them to quickly develop their reading skills. Children will learn the direction of each character, as well as its stroke order and pronunciation.

Improves Problem-Solving Skills

If you have never learned the language, Chinese characters are simply a set of random lines. But once you understand the structure and the order in which they are to be read, this suddenly becomes possible. Children who study Chinese learn to distinguish between sound and meaning particles of various characters, which stimulates the development of problem-solving.

By giving your child the opportunity to analyze how they should speak or write a sentence using Chinese, they’ll be forced to study the language at a deeper level. 

Our linguistic capacity grows when we read, listen and talk about the world around us. In fact, our brains are wired for learning languages. By building on the same core principles used to develop language skills, this process will deepen and broaden your child’s critical thinking skills. Simply put, they will learn to solve problems in novel and creative ways, even when they are working on skills outside of language.

Why is Little Gems Learning Centre the Best Choice? 

The Little Gems Learning Centre’s Preschool Chinese course (including Chinese tuition at Newton) is specially designed to strengthen students’ foundation in all areas of the learning process. The course design is based on the existing approved MOE syllabus, strategically leveraging key competencies such as listening, speaking, reading and writing while also focusing on vocabulary expansion. To ensure that our students are well-prepared for their future school journey, we provide additional support through online resources. The activities tailored to each child will help them bring out their best in every class session.