Holiday Camp

For All Ages

Holiday Camp Learning Chinese Outdoor Fun

Suitable Age

3 to 16 Years Old


1 week

Course Overview

Bringing learning experience to a whole new level, Little Gems also conduct filed trips to bring the classroom outdoors. Enriching the learning experience with real time examples and relatable scenarios, students will be able to absorb and learn more than they usually do from books and whiteboards.

Implementing the latest technology, history and interesting happenings to the learning of Chinese language, the first trips will be an eye-opener for students, showing them that the use of Chinese language is beyond just the classrooms.

Engaging students in conversations and encouraging them to express their thoughts and opinions on their new finds along the way makes good practice for everyday conversation and self-expression in Mandarin.

Students are also encouraged to keep a diary to document their journeys and to reflect on their learning experiences.