Foundation Course

Suitable Age

3 to 4 Years Old


90 Minutes

Basic Lessons Designed for Nursery Children to build a basic foundation of Chinese Language

Building a strong foundation in Chinese language ability by developing interests through reading programs in preparation for further learning.

Reading of short stories relatable to daily life to allow more comprehensive applications of Chinese language.

Introduction to Chinese idioms to encourage understanding and appreciation of traditional Chinese culture and history.

Sing-a-long sessions to further engage students and creating the impression that learning Chinese language fun and interesting.

Basic writing activities of different strokes that makes up Chinese words to aid in familiarity of vocabulary, as well as learning the meaning of each word.

Fun and interactive story telling sessions allows deeper communication, in terms of comprehending and expressing themselves in Chinese language, between students and teacher and further develop the application of spoken Chinese language.

Group activities further encourage the use of Chinese language as a social tool between students.