K1 Reading Course

Suitable Age

5 Years Old


105 Minutes

Designed for Kindergarten 1 Students to nurture and develop Chinese vocabulary

To further develop Chinese vocabulary and introduction of sentence structure through fun and interactive reading programs.

Nurturing of language proficiency through relatable story sharing to connect the application of Chinese language to every day life.

Learning the art of Chinese idioms to encourage appreciation in Chinese traditions and culture.

Sing-a-long sessions to heighten interests and encourage creative use of Chinese language.

Learning and recognising basic Chinese vocabulary through fun and creative calligraphy activities.

Interactive story sharing sessions encourage students to apply and socialise using Chinese language as a tool.

Group activities to encourage socialising using Chinese Language and team-building initiatives.

Speech and drama activities, which encourage imaginative role-playing games, are part of a fun and creative environment we want to achieve for students to perfect the application of Chinese language.