K2 Development Course

Suitable Age

6 Years Old


105 Minutes

Designed for Kindergarten 2 Students to Deepen Foundation of Chinese and prepare for Primary School

Lessons aim to expand student’s Chinese language vocabulary and deepen sense of familiarity with sentence structure and basic flow of the language, in preparation for impending formal education.

Lesson plans are designed ensure students are well prepared for primary school syllabus, content of lessons are closely related to those use for primary school Chinese lessons.

Learning of Chinese idioms in a fun and creative way to deepen sense of familiarity to Chinese traditions and culture.

Fun-filled Chinese nursery rhyme sing-a-long sessions to engage and instil more interests in learning Chinese language.

Developing the ability to read, recognise, understand and write Chinese words through hands on calligraphy activities.

Interactive story sharing session so students can contribute, express and convey personal thoughts to others. This encourages creativity and enhances their ability to use Chinese language as a tool to communicate.

Group activities are organised to improve communication in Chinese language amongst students and learn from each other by examples.

Role-playing activities are part and parcel of the aim to encourage the use of Chinese language in applicable scenarios of every day life.

To further encourage the learning of Chinese language, introduction to simple Chinese poetry helps to expose students to the diverse culture and traditions of China, where the language came from.