Why Some Kids Are Almost Always Good At Chinese


Ever seen a child who is really good at something, and always manages to keep it that way? Is there any kind of possible explanation for this?

Fret not, there are reasons why they excel in such a sustained manner, and we will be discussing about these reasons below.


1. It’s all in the genes.

According to The University of Edinburgh, they have discovered a variation of a gene that helps significantly in language learning. That can explain why some people learn Chinese at a rate faster than the others. This would mean that not all learning opportunities are equal for each and every child. The same learning opportunity could induce a wide-ranging spectrum of learning outcomes across a group of children. This is to say that even if each child is given the same opportunity and resources, the grades they achieve would not be the same. As demoralising as it sounds, although genes do play a part in your child’s Chinese learning process, it is not the sole defining factor. There are other factors in which you have control over for your child to be good at Chinese. The next two points clearly illustrate that.


2. They study smart.

It is a well-known fact that efficient studying can lead to better grades. This is even more so for language learning. Traditional methods used for mathematics and sciences do not work as well for language learning. This is because language learning is multi-faceted. Usually, to improve in mathematics and sciences, understanding and practising the content will lead to noticeable results. However, for language subjects like Chinese, in addition to understanding and practising, one needs to speak as well as listen to it to have a holistic improvement. For kids who intuitively know this, they are able to improve their Chinese by leaps and bounds just by targeted learning. This is one of the reasons why they are so good at it. And so can your child learn how to study smart. It’s something that can be learnt with the passage of time.


3. They are consistent and disciplined in learning.

As the founder of Khan Academy so succinctly puts it, “to learn something, you need to make a commitment and hold yourself to that commitment”. By practising just 30 minutes a day, one can notice a positive effect on the mastery of a subject after some time. This is especially true for learning languages. It is not something that can be binge-learnt in 3 hours as the information retention rate will be very low. This is the tough truth and for most kids, consistent effort is required to bring out their best grades. Some kids are naturally consistent in their studies as they are pretty much very interested in the subject they are learning. They may also be motivated by future career aspirations, which is an important factor for them to work hard. What you can do to help establish this form of perseverance in your child is to celebrate their successes regularly, and to provide incentives for them. This will bring up their motivation levels to function at their optimum capacity.


Just to summarise, out of these 3 things, only one of them is unattainable for your child if he or she does not have it. Can you guess which it is? Yes, that’s right! If your child does not have the genetic advantage, it is unlikely for him or her to acquire it. Although that is the case, with consistency and targeted studying, it is possible to catch up with peers who have it.

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