3 Amazing Derivatives From Learning Chinese


What are some tangible benefits of learning and being good at the Chinese language other than scoring well in both oral and written examinations? This may also be one of the reasons why some children are particularly good at Chinese naturally, as maybe they are able to see the benefits it will provide them for the future.

Today, we will find that out as we delve into this topic:

Heritage and culture.

The most amazing thing that can result from learning a language is that it opens up a new world for the person learning the language. In the case of learning Chinese, it stems all the way back in China, where it was developed over 3000 years ago. The rich history provides a lot of learning points for the young learner, as well as educating them about the various traditions and culture that emerge from it. Take for instance, as your children learn Chinese, they will start to understand the significance of Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, how the moon relates to ancient myths and more. It helps to nurture and cultivate their creativity, emotional intelligence as well as appreciation of the Chinese heritage. Furthermore, these discoveries of the ancient past also help further reinforce their interest in learning Chinese, leading to a win-win situation. So, don’t you agree that learning Chinese provides immense benefit in this aspect?

One of the most In-demand language in the world.

Chinese as a language is spoken in many countries, amongst Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan and more Chinese sub-communities in the world. It is estimated that more than 1.2 billion people in the world are able to communicate in Chinese. By learning Chinese, it opens up the gateway of communicating with slightly less than 1/6 of the world (7.6 billion in 2018), which is an incredible number. Being able to communicate with more people also means greater possibilities in life, be it in professional development, nurturing of friendship, collaboration, and even finding their special one. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of popular social media platform “Facebook”, reportedly learnt the Chinese language due to it being an in-demand language. After all, the realm of possibilities is a very intriguing thing!

Incredible for business usage.

Last but not least, the learning of Chinese language can prove to be greatly useful for your children in the future as most of the largest corporations and businesses in the world are Chinese-owned, as Forbes has brought into light. This means that the Chinese language is a very widely used medium of communication throughout the business world. In this sense, there is not harm in learning Chinese for these associated benefits as it may even enhance career progression!

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